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Re: [Xen-devel] lock in vhpet

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>> From: Tim Deegan [mailto:tim@xxxxxxx]
>> Sent: Friday, April 27, 2012 5:26 AM
>> To: Zhang, Yang Z
>> Cc: andres@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx; Keir Fraser; xen-devel@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
>> Subject: Re: [Xen-devel] lock in vhpet
>> At 02:36 +0000 on 25 Apr (1335321409), Zhang, Yang Z wrote:
>> > > > But actually, the first cs introduced this issue is 24770. When
>> > > > win8 booting and if hpet is enabled, it will use hpet as the time
>> > > > source and there have lots of hpet access and EPT violation. In
>> > > > EPT violation handler, it call get_gfn_type_access to get the mfn.
>> > > > The cs 24770 introduces the gfn_lock for p2m lookups, and then the
>> issue
>> happens.
>> > > > After I removed the gfn_lock, the issue goes. But in latest xen,
>> > > > even I remove this lock, it still shows high cpu utilization.
>> > >
>> > > It would seem then that even the briefest lock-protected critical
>> > > section would cause this? In the mmio case, the p2m lock taken in
>> > > the hap fault handler is held during the actual lookup, and for a
>> > > couple of branch instructions afterwards.
>> > >
>> > > In latest Xen, with lock removed for get_gfn, on which lock is time
>> spent?
>> > Still the p2m_lock.
>> Can you please try the attached patch?  I think you'll need this one
>> plus the
>> ones that take the locks out of the hpet code.
>> This patch makes the p2m lock into an rwlock and adjusts a number of the
>> paths that don't update the p2m so they only take the read lock.  It's a
>> bit
>> rough but I can boot 16-way win7 guest with it.

That is great news.

Tim, thanks for the amazing work. I'm poring over the patch presently, and
will shoot at it with everything I've got testing-wise.

I'm taking the liberty of pulling in Olaf (paging) and George (PoD) as the
changeset affects those subsystems.


> This really a great work! Now, the win7 guest is booting very fast and
> never saw the BSOD again.
> But the changes are so large in your patch. I think we need to do more
> sanity testing to avoid any regressions. After you finish all the work,
> I'd like to do a whole testing.:)
>> N.B. Since rwlocks don't show up the the existing lock profiling, please
>> don't try
>> to use the lock-profiling numbers to see if it's helping!
>> Andres, this is basically the big-hammer version of your "take a
>> pagecount"
>> changes, plus the change you made to hvmemul_rep_movs().
>> If this works I intend to follow it up with a patch to make some of the
>> read-modify-write paths avoid taking the lock (by using a
>> compare-exchange
>> operation so they only take the lock on a write).  If that succeeds I
>> might drop
>> put_gfn() altogether.
>> But first it will need a lot of tidying up.  Noticeably missing:
>>  - SVM code equivalents to the vmx.c changes
>>  - grant-table operations still use the lock, because frankly I
>>    could not follow the current code, and it's quite late in the
>> evening.
>> I also have a long list of uglinesses in the mm code that I found while
>> writing
>> this lot.
>> Keir, I have no objection to later replacing this with something better
>> than an
>> rwlock. :)  Or with making a NUMA-friendly rwlock implementation, since
>> I
>> really expect this to be heavily read-mostly when paging/sharing/pod are
>> not
>> enabled.
>> Cheers,
>> Tim.
> best regards
> yang

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