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Re: [Xen-devel] Upcoming RC0

>>> On 03.05.13 at 16:21, George Dunlap <George.Dunlap@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> IanC suggested that we should have a short code-freeze window before
> each RC to make sure that nothing is introduced that will cause test
> failures.  So I'm asking committers to hold off on committing anything
> that is not directly related to making the tests pass, or to fixing
> specific issues that need to be fixed before RC0.

While I'm not opposed to this, "short" certainly deserves some
sort of definition.

Also, traditionally we never did RC0s, we always started with RC1
- any reason for this change?

Further, as to branching (which Tim also asked about) - traditionally
we branched at a late RC, and only then re-opened the tree for
new development. Is that going to change this time? I can see both
pros and cons to either approach...

> I can see the point of both sides; however, Tim found some issues even
> in the patch series that Jan posted recently, which (sorry to be
> frank, Jan) doesn't give me confidence that we won't have random bugs
> that we end up tripping over after the release.

I thought you would say that (and I understand your reservations).
Nevertheless, the problematic patch was withdrawn after Tim's
review, so this shouldn't stand in the way. And no, I can't give 100%
guarantees that the rest is entirely bug free.


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