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[Xen-devel] How the pv guest responds hypercall_create_continuation ?

Hi all,Â

In Xen's hypercall handler, sometimes when -EAGAIN error happens, Xen will call a function hypercall_create_continuation(), which writes the arguments of this hypercall to guest user registers. I guess the purpose of this function is to indicate guest to try the failed hypercall again, right ? Then I looked at guest Linux's code and try to find the interface:

A typical guest hypercall calling routine is (take HYPERVISOR_mmu_update for example):

static inline int
  mmu_update_t *req, int count, int *success_count, domid_t domid)
  return _hypercall4(int, mmu_update, req, count, success_count, domid);

Then _hypercall4 will call corresponding code in hypercall_page and return. But where is the interface with hypercall_create_continuation()? How the guest knows it needs to try the hypercall again?

Thanks a lot,

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