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[Xen-devel] Xen 4.2.2 / fixed vanilla kernel 3.7.10 / GPLPV r956 passes my torture test


this is to report that Xen 4.2.2 (from Gentoo), a fixed 3.7.10 vanilla kernel and GPLPV r956 has passed my quite intensive torture test. I stopped it after 49 hours.

Kernel is vanilla 3.7.10 with the following netback patches applied.
  core fixes:
    2810e5b9 xen-netback: coalesce slots in TX path and fix regressions
    03393fd5 xen-netback: don't disconnect frontend when seeing oversize packet 
    27f85228 xen-netback: remove skb in xen_netbk_alloc_page
    35876b5f xen-netback: correctly return errors from netbk_count_requests()
    9eaee8be xen-netback: fix sparse warning

Test itself is as follows:

Have 2 HVMs "win1" and "win2". Each HVM has:
  * 2 VCPUs
  * Windows 7 SP1 x64 fully patched, GPLPV r956
  * iometer 2006.07.27
    * 2 workers with QD 4 each, pattern "all in one". Test runs on (virtual) physical disk
  * prime95 x64 27.7 build2, In-place large FFTs, Windows affinity set to VCPU1 on "win1"
    and to VCPU0 on "win2"
  * apache 2.4.4 for wget test as sender
  * ActiveState Perl x64, wget 1.14 from
  * test-via-wget.pl as receiver

The mentioned wget test uses wget to recursively download 3376 files in 2101 directories via http (apache server in HVMs, nginx on Linux test driver box). The attached script also hashes the file content of downloaded files to make sure that every bit is transferred correctly. In the whole test setup the script is running in 4 instances (once on every HVM and twice on the test driver box). So I make sure that each HVM is tortured in both send/receive directions. All 3376/2101 objects are on RAM disks in both the HVMs and on the test driver box. I am using OSFMount from PassMark as RAM disk on Windows.

Please feel free to use the test-via-wget script for your own testing.
@James Harper: you might find the script helpful for your GPLPV tests

Regards Andreas

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