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[Xen-devel] Test Day instructions: specific list of files to be removed?

In the Test Day instructions, it is said:

>Remove any old versions of Xen toolstack and userspace binaries (including 

Is there a Wiki (or other) page somewhere which gives the tester a
checklist of things to remove?  I've seen a couple
distribution-specific lists that people have assembled on the Web, but
they are meant as distribution-specific scripts primarily.

I mean a short document which might give a slightly higher level
checklist.  Maybe something like:

All files containing "xen" in the binary directories, modules
directories, library directories
All files containing "qemu" in the ..
All files beginning with ...

Does something like that exist somewhere, so that a tester could go
down a checklist to remove old files (particularly if they are from a
prepackaged Xen install, not a similar RC install) and be relatively
sure they got them all?

I know this is not a big deal to folks who are used to doing this, but
for someone new to the test day process, this could be helpful.



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