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Re: [Xen-devel] Test Day instructions: specific list of files to be removed?

On Fri, 2013-06-14 at 23:53 -0400, Russ Pavlicek wrote:
> In the Test Day instructions, it is said:
> >Remove any old versions of Xen toolstack and userspace binaries (including 
> >qemu).
> Is there a Wiki (or other) page somewhere which gives the tester a
> checklist of things to remove?

If they previously installed from distro packages then they should
remove (purge in Debian terms to really get rid of them) whatever
packages they installed. That package list will be distro specific.

I they previously installed from source then running "make uninstall"
from that previous source tree would be a good start. This rule isn't
terribly well maintained but it ought to catch the most obvious stuff I

You could also run "make install DESTDIR=/tmp/to-be-removed" on the old
tree, then you could look at all the relative paths there and remove
from the filesystem.

Probably the most important things to remove are anything
in /usr/bin , /usr/sbin or /usr/lib with "xen" or "xl" in the name
especially, if the previous version was installed in /usr while the
newer ones go to /usr/local, since the newer ones won't then overwrite
the old ones.

Also looking through /etc (especially /etc/xen and /etc/init.d/*xen*)
would be wise. Likewise /boot.

>   I've seen a couple
> distribution-specific lists that people have assembled on the Web, but
> they are meant as distribution-specific scripts primarily.
> I mean a short document which might give a slightly higher level
> checklist.  Maybe something like:
> All files containing "xen" in the binary directories, modules
> directories, library directories
> All files containing "qemu" in the ..
> All files beginning with ...
> Does something like that exist somewhere, so that a tester could go
> down a checklist to remove old files (particularly if they are from a
> prepackaged Xen install, not a similar RC install) and be relatively
> sure they got them all?

Unfortunately not. It will vary a bit from system to system (distro,
which dev packages you have installed etc).

Installing to /usr/local by default will simplify this somewhat since
there will typically be less other stuff under /usr/local to sift

I suppose we could encourage people to use "./configure
--prefix=/opt/xentestday-20130622" but that is not a commonly used
config so it will have its own issues.

> I know this is not a big deal to folks who are used to doing this, but
> for someone new to the test day process, this could be helpful.

The goal is really just to avoid issues with running the old toolstack
(or linking the new libraries) when you think you are running the new.
Most of the time the new ones would overwrite to old so it's not all
that critical to get it right, as long as we on #xentest keep in mind
the possibility that an obscure bug (e.g. an unexplainable xl segfault)
might be down to picking up old versions of things.


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