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Re: [Xen-devel] xen-netback: add a pseudo pps rate limit

On Jun24 15:09, Wei Liu wrote:
> Patch for Xend, no. We're not supposed to add new functionality to it
> anyway.

Yes I know. Will see if we have some time to add a toolstack patch but
we are still using xend for our own use since we have some stuff
depending on it.

> Better to wait for Ian Campbell or other interested people to weight in.


> It is just now we have two limits and backend should stop processing
> when one of the limits is hit. And, if we're to have more limits in the
> future (not sure if it is a good idea but let's just be open to this),
> they should probably not be dependent on each other.

our point is just that bandwidth limit should come with PPS limit.

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