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Re: [Xen-devel] xen-netback: add a pseudo pps rate limit

Hi Wei,

Thanks for your reply.

On Jun24 11:14, Wei Liu wrote:
> First question, can we achieve the same effect by using existing
> facility in backend domain, say, tcng in Linux?

yes indeed, but it looks like way more complicated to configure; we
thought it was a good option to manage it with the bandwitdh.
Also, by using tcng, PPS shaping is done on backend level, once packet has
left the VM; which means after using an additional memory transaction to copy
packet from frontend. IMHO, at scale, shaping in this way should save some
memory transactions comparing to tcng.

> It would be better if you can come up with patch for toolstack as well
> -- the rate parameter is parsed in libxl (see
> $XEN/tools/libxl/libxlu_vif.c) -- so that users of this parameter can
> specify it in their VM config file. But that's another topic and deserve
> another patch.

indeed; for now we do have a userland patch but using xend which is out
of date; that's why we didn't send it along. Are you interested by it

> Hmm, the replenishing looks simple. I'm not sure if it's over
> simplified. Could you look at the ring and determine the possible burst
> value? (note that in the ring txreq != packet). Just my two cents.

we didn't had a look for now since we were eventually looking for some
help (and time) on this subject.

> If you fail to parse "rate" you skip parsing "pps", is this intentional?

yes; PPS is linked to rate since they are checked within the same
"by using the same usecond period, PPS shaping depends on throughput shaping."

Will resend with the small typo you picked.

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