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Re: [Xen-devel] Problems when booting on OMAP5432 devboard

On Thu, 2013-06-27 at 19:55 +0800, Chen Baozi wrote:
> Hi Ian,
> After enabling the UART, I have been tring to finish the rest of booting.
> However, the output information stops at "Placing Xen at XXXX-XXXX" like
> following:
> Starting kernel ...
> - UART enabled -
> - CPU 00000000 booting -
> - Machine ID 00000ec1 -
> - Started in Hyp mode -
> - Zero BSS -
> - Setting up control registers -
> - Turning on paging -
> - Ready -
> RAM: 0000000080000000 - 00000000ffffffff
> MODULE[1]: 00000000a0000000 - 00000000a0400000 
> Placing Xen at 0x00000000ffe00000-0x0000000100000000
> What could be the most possible problem of this case?

This is a about the point where we would shift from early_printk to the
proper console driver, so I expect you simply don't have the console

On your hypervisor command line you need a "dtuart=<something>" where
<something> is a name for the serial device you want to use (e.g. on
vexpress I use "dtuart=serial3" where the dts has "serial3 =
&v2m_serial3" in the aliases node).

You will also need a DT enabled driver for that device. If the OMAP5432
is 8250 like then xen/drivers/char/ns16550.c might be suitable but it
will need the Device Tree init hooked up, e.g. a DT_DEVICE_START given
the appropriate hooks, see xen/drivers/char/pl011.c for an example.

The ns16550 case is interesting because it is shared with the x86 stuff,
but it ought to be possible to make it work either for DT (ARM) or via
the arch code (x86, hardcoded addresses or command line specification).


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