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Re: [Xen-devel] [PATCH 3/3] Nested VMX: Fix IA32_VMX_CR4_FIXED1 msr emulation

>>> On 05.09.13 at 11:05, "Zhang, Yang Z" <yang.z.zhang@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Jan Beulich wrote on 2013-09-05:
>>>>> On 05.09.13 at 04:57, Yang Zhang <yang.z.zhang@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>>>      case MSR_IA32_VMX_CR4_FIXED1:
>>> -        /* allow 0-settings except SMXE */
>>> -        data = 0x267ff & ~X86_CR4_SMXE;
>>> +        data |= (edx & cpufeat_mask(X86_FEATURE_VME) ?
>> Did you perhaps send a stale patch? I can't see how this would even have
>> compiled: edx is uninitialized at this point afaict.
> It is already filled. See the first patch.

Then the first patch fails to declare all four variables, and hence
won't build. It just caught my eye that you declare the variables
here and don't initialize them between declaration and use.


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