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Re: [Xen-devel] [PATCH v8] interrupts: allow guest to set/clear MSI-X mask bit

>>> On 17.09.13 at 05:06, "Xu, YongweiX" <yongweix.xu@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> I've provided 'i' an 'M' debug key to output the IRQ and MSI-X information, 
> the 'xl dmesg'log of dom0 as the attachment:xl_dmesg.log.

Nothing odd there, but then again you also still didn't tell us which
IRQ it is that gets switched off by the guest kernel. Even without
me saying so explicitly, it should be pretty clear that sending
complete information (matching up hypervisor, host, and guest
logs) ideally limited to just one guest instance (the log here has 6
guests) would provide the maximum information. Remember that
unless you're going to debug the problem yourself, we depend on
the information coming from you being complete and consistent.
In the case at hand, telling us whether the log was taken with a
VF or PF assigned would also be relevant information (which
would presumably be deducible from the guest kernel log if you
had sent it).

> Retested by changing the guest kernel to 3.11.1, the issue not exist. But 
> rhel6.4 is a mainstream distribution, so I think we must take care of it.

Sure, but the direction of where to look for the problem may be
different. It might e.g. be the case that the old driver handles
the VF reset differently, which might direct us to revisit the
unmasking done by the patch.

In any event - any debugging _you_ can do would likely get us
to make faster progress on this...


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