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Re: [Xen-devel] Vmx_vmenter_helper() and hvm_inject_page_fault()

(re-adding xen-devel)

>>> On 06.11.13 at 11:00, Razvan Cojocaru <rzvncj@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> ... and yes here, pointing out that in both cases this is likely
>> wrong anyway (as being too late in the process, and as being
>> bogus, since there shouldn't be anything [other than perhaps
>> logging for debugging purposes] at this point that could possibly
>> cause you to need to do either of the two).
> OK, let's assume that I need it for debugging purposes. Should the
> call, assuming that I check for usermode as explained above before
> calling hvm_inject_page_fault(ec | PFEC_user_mode, address), work as
> advertised?

I'm not sure, which is why I'd recommend against it. As said, I
could see you use the usermode check for debugging purposes,
but I can't see what use injection of a #PF there would have.

> If not, what would be a better place to put this page
> fault injection assuming I'd like to trigger it at VMENTER time?

You ought to do all this in the context of handling the
corresponding VMEXIT.


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