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Re: [Xen-devel] [PATCH v4 00/27] libxl: ocaml: improve the bindings

On Wed, 2013-11-06 at 17:49 +0000, Rob Hoes wrote:
> The following series of patches fill in most of the gaps in the OCaml bindings
> to libxl, to make them useful for clients such as xapi/xenopsd (from
> XenServer). There are a number of bugfixes to the existing bindings as well. I
> have an experimental version of xenopsd that successfully uses the new
> bindings.
> This is version 4 of this patch series to fix the OCaml binding to libxl. See
> the individual patches for detailed changes with respect to v3.

I have now applied #1..#16
6ea2941 libxl: ocaml: support for Arrays in bindings generator.
842b59e libxl: ocaml: avoid reserved words in type and field names.
98caa06 libxl: ocaml: support for KeyedUnion in the bindings generator.
a6efa2e libxl: ocaml: add some more builtin types.
80e18cd libxc: ocaml: add simple binding for xentoollog (output only).
06722d7 libxl: ocaml: allocate a long lived libxl context.
974d108 libxl: ocaml: switch all functions over to take a context.
e06ac98 libxl: idl: add Enumeration.value_namespace property
b37a126 libxl: make the libxl error type an IDL enum
56799c5 libxl: ocaml: generate string_of_* functions for enums
67c8b33 libxl: ocaml: propagate the libxl return error code in exceptions
999dce0 libxl: ocaml: make Val_defbool GC-proof
4ca3004 libxl: ocaml: add domain_build/create_info/config and events to the bi
1bb2c5e libxl: ocaml: fix the handling of enums in the bindings generator
21b9ec6 libxl: ocaml: use the "string option" type for IDL strings
bf7fddd libxl: ocaml: add dominfo_list and dominfo_get

Note that in #5 (add simple binding for xentoollog (output only)) I
dropped the little test case. You have mail on the subject..

#17 (implement some simple tests) skipped due to changes in add simple
binding for xentoollog (output only).
Ian J has nacked #18 (in a reply to the v2-resend thread).

#19 (allow device operations to be called asynchronously) appears to
rely on #18

#20..21 seemed ok:
01237a2 libxl: ocaml: add NIC helper functions
73d1b47 libxl: ocaml: add PCI device helper functions

#22 (add disk and cdrom helper functions) failed after I dropped #19.

I had a comment on #23 so I skipped it but then I was able to apply #24..#26:

d8a276f libxl: ocaml: in send_debug_keys, clean up before raising exception
dc189b1 libxl: ocaml: provide defaults for libxl types
4cc845e libxl: ocaml: use CAMLlocal1 macro rather than value-type in 
auto-generated C-code

#27 "add console reader functions" failed to apply. I suspect it needed
something prior to it, at least contextually.

At least, this is what I think I've done, it was a bit fluid as I
dropped one or two bits. git rebase should tell you the true story!


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