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[Xen-devel] [PATCH OPW 0/0] Resend of macro coding style fixes needing reindents

These patches all use the convenience macros defined in libxl_internals.h
to replace the old style. I've been asked to correct indentation errors
that were present in the first versions and resend them all as a set.

[PATCH OPW 1/7] libxl: Use new macro LOGE() in libxl_qmp.c
[PATCH OPW 2/7] libxl: replace last invocation of LIBXL__LOG_ERROR
[PATCH OPW 3/7] libxl: use GCSPRINTF in place of libxl_sprintf() in
[PATCH OPW 4/7] libxl: use GCSPRINTF instead of libxl__sprintf
[PATCH OPW 5/7] libxl: use LOGE instead of LIBXL__LOG_ERRNO in
[PATCH OPW 6/7] libxl: use LOG and LOGE instead of LIBXL__LOG* in
[PATCH OPW 7/7] libxl: use LOG instead of LIBXL__LOG in libxl_utils.c

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