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[Xen-devel] [PATCH 0/11 OPW] All outstanding and corrected patches

These patches update libxl_qmp.c and libxl_utils.c to use the new
convenience macros defined in libxl_internal.h. These have all been
submitted before, and some are acked; but since some changes and
corrections have been made, they're collected here together to keep 
them organized.

[PATCH OPW 01/11] libxl: change most remaining LIBXL_LOG to LOG in
[PATCH OPW 02/11] libxl: Use new macro LOGE() in libxl_qmp.c
[PATCH OPW 03/11] libxl: use GCSPRINTF in place of libxl_sprintf() in
[PATCH OPW 04/11] libxl: use GCSPRINTF instead of libxl__sprintf
[PATCH OPW 05/11] libxl: use LOGE instead of LIBXL__LOG_ERRNO in
[PATCH OPW 06/11] libxl: use LOG and LOGE instead of LIBXL__LOG* in
[PATCH OPW 07/11] libxl: use LOG instead of LIBXL__LOG in
[PATCH OPW 09/11] opw: libxl: use macro CTX in libxl_qmp.c
[PATCH OPW 11/11] opw: libxl: use CTX macro in libxl_utils.c

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