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Re: [Xen-devel] [PATCH 0/11 OPW] All outstanding and corrected patches

On Mon, 2013-11-11 at 15:23 -0800, Kelley Nielsen wrote:
> These patches update libxl_qmp.c and libxl_utils.c to use the new
> convenience macros defined in libxl_internal.h. These have all been
> submitted before, and some are acked; but since some changes and
> corrections have been made, they're collected here together to keep 
> them organized.

George gave me a release Ack on IRC so I've gone ahead and picked these
up, including v2 of #1 and #5. For future reference please either post
these as replies to the relevant patch (git send-email --reply-to) or
resend the whole series, otherwise it's very confusing to figure out
what needs to be applied.

A few patches were already applied, I suspect because you were basing
your series on master and not staging (the latter is propagated to the
former when the automated tests pass). There were one or two minor
rejects for the same reason which I fixed up.

Please check the staging branch in case I missed one, picked up the
wrong thing or messed something up etc.

> [PATCH OPW 01/11] libxl: change most remaining LIBXL_LOG to LOG in
> [PATCH OPW 02/11] libxl: Use new macro LOGE() in libxl_qmp.c
> [PATCH OPW 03/11] libxl: use GCSPRINTF in place of libxl_sprintf() in
> [PATCH OPW 04/11] libxl: use GCSPRINTF instead of libxl__sprintf
> [PATCH OPW 05/11] libxl: use LOGE instead of LIBXL__LOG_ERRNO in
> [PATCH OPW 06/11] libxl: use LOG and LOGE instead of LIBXL__LOG* in
> [PATCH OPW 07/11] libxl: use LOG instead of LIBXL__LOG in
> [PATCH OPW 09/11] opw: libxl: use macro CTX in libxl_qmp.c
> [PATCH OPW 11/11] opw: libxl: use CTX macro in libxl_utils.c

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