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Re: [Xen-devel] Xen for real-time/embedded/automotive

On 20 Nov 2013, at 17:59, Simon Martin <smartin@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

>>>>  I am wondering whether there is some prior art that the Mirage OS 
>>>> (http://xenproject.org/developers/teams/mirage-os.html, 
>>>> https://github.com/mirage ) team has done, which you could build 
>>>> upon/re-use/look at. Obviously you wouldn't need any of the higher level 
>>>> OCaml language stuff. I will let Anil respond, whether there is anything 
>>>> that you could use.
>>>  Thanks Lars,
>>>  I started off looking at the mirage-os, but got totally frightened off by 
>>> the OCaml <Mail Attachment.png>. That learning curve was way too much, 
>>> learn the language to then learn the system. I didn't realize there was 
>>> enough low level C to be interesting. I'll go back and have a look at it.
>> You don't need to worry about any of the OCaml stuff, but we're based off a 
>> very stripped down version of MiniOS. What aspect of MiniOS was too complex 
>> for your needs?
> I've stripped out the devices like you, but also mm as I have a fixed/flat 
> memory space. At the moment I only need console, clock, events and traps. The 
> OS I am porting provides all the rest.

That's actually exactly what Mirage needs too -- we don't ever switch address 
spaces.  I'd be interested in supporting any (Micro?)OS for Xen/ARM that you 
come up with.   We already have an ARMv7 native code backend for the OCaml 
compiler which outputs a self-contained object file that will link straight 
into any such boot loader.

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