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Re: [Xen-devel] Xen for real-time/embedded/automotive

BTW, I do realise only know that I probably never asked that... What is
(if you feel like saying it here) your specific usecase / final goal of
this work?
I am porting an motion control system to Xen. The OS and hardware is developed in house. I originally wrote the OS about 20 years ago on a TI DSP processor with 32 k words of RAM and it has been evolving since then, migrating to different processors (MIPS/ARM) and an ever increasing amount of memory (we moved from SRAM to DRAM when we went on to the MIPS platform, and the smallest DRAM chips you could get at the time were 1 MB).
Looking at the Real-Time Xen project, it is built around millisecond resolution. That was fine for motion control about 20 years ago, but nowadays everyone is working sub-millisecond. Our existing systems can close the control loop every 125 Âs doing full interpolation on 8 axes with 64 bit resolution on an ARM11 platform. Worst than that, jitter on the control loop gives you at best jerky movement and at worst shuts down the drives so that must be controlled.
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