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Re: [Xen-devel] Best board for ARM ?

Dear all,

thank you for your help.

Arndale is probably the best bet. Allwinner based stuff (aka sunxi) is
less well tested overall but might have better availability, it is also
super cheap in most cases (e.g. cubieboard2/truck).

Ok, thanks Ian for the info!

In case one wants to go for cubie, this is where all the information
lives, right?

Is it still current? Have things got any better lately, from either
Linux or Xen side?

While this is, I think, the same for Arndale:
which does look less "hacky", at least at a first glance...

Claudio, perhaps you can investigate how easy it would be for you to get
an Arndale board, and fallback on cubie2/truck if it's actually that

I checked.

Arndale says 4 weeks to ship, which may be a too long time (especially if not respected).

Cubie2, instead, is available in stock on several distributors.


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