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[Xen-devel] tree adjustments for 4.4 release


I see that you adjusted the version in xen/Makefile and README, but
you updated the qemu tags only up to RC6. Was that intentional, and
if so, what's the reason? I would generally expect the version bumping
commit to be the one getting tagged as the final release, and to include
the bumping of the qemu tags to their final values...

Further respective notes:
- you updated README to say 4.4.0, yet we don't normally update
  it again for subsequent stable releases, which is why on earlier
  releases we left off the extra version (i.e. would just say 4.4 here)
- while you updated the README header, the second paragraph of
  it still exclusively talks about 4.3 - just an oversight (if so, I wouldn't
  immediately know which features we'd consider important enough
  to mention here)?


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