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Re: [Xen-devel] How many patches are missing in upstream Linux?

>>> On 12.03.14 at 02:00, Atom2 <ariel.atom2@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Now to the bad news: The update of the microcode does not work if I use 
> ucode=scan - and that's regardless of whether I include just the small 
> 10k file for my CPU into the GenuineIntel.bin file or the complete 
> microcode for all Inter CPUs. The microcode of my CPU stays at 0x28 
> whereas with ucode=-1 and a separate binary microcode blob (in non-cpio 
> format) it gets updated to 0x29.
> I don't think that it is linked to CONFIG_MICROCODE_EARLY not being set 
> because as far as I understand linux would not be involved in the update 
> as this is done by xen. Or am I wrong here?

And obviously without providing the log thereof (with "loglvl=all" in
place) there's quite likely no way we can find out what's going
wrong. If you have trouble setting up the serial console, yet the
system is coming up fine (which it looks like it is), "xl dmesg" right
after boot completed will do as good a job in obtaining the log.


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