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Re: [Xen-devel] [RFC PATCH v2 3/3] tools, libxl: handle the iomem parameter with the memory_mapping hcall

On ven, 2014-03-14 at 16:19 +0000, Ian Campbell wrote:
> On Fri, 2014-03-14 at 16:45 +0100, Dario Faggioli wrote:

> > > If "one" here is the user then I don't think so.
> > > 
> > Well, fact is "user", in this context, is who puts the embedded system
> > together into a product, rather than folks actually using such product,
> > so, I don't see that much unlikely.
> I don't imagine even those folks are going to want to hack the
> hypervisor to change the guest address space layout, so I don't think
> you can assume they have full control, they will get whatever the layout
> for that version of Xen is. 
Don't want to speak for someone else, of course. For what I've seen, no,
they're not going to hack Xen, they're going to stick to a specific
version as long as possible.

For different reasons, that's not much different from what happens in
way less embedded contexts, I think. :-)

> They do control the hypervisor version so I
> suppose they control in that sense.
Indeed that was the control I meant.


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