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Re: [Xen-devel] [PATCH] x86: Control CR0 TS behavior using dev_na_ts_allowed

On 18/03/14 18:07, Sarah Newman wrote:
> The guest cannot enable or disable this behavior but it can detect the 
> behavior using CPUID.  I
> considered making the behavior configurable from within the guest, but did 
> not find a clean way of
> implementing it since any decision should really happen very early in the 
> boot process.  Suggestions
> on how to do this are welcome.

Consider using an Xen ELF note feature (see public/elfnote.h and

e.g., XENFEAT_nm_hardware_ts

This would be a trivial one-liner to the kernel and would require no
user configurable option in the toolstack and compatibility would be
retained for guests needing the current ABI.


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