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Re: [Xen-devel] 4.4 Release Talk Slides

On Wed, 2014-03-19 at 01:26 +0000, Russell Pavlicek wrote:
> I have to put this puppy to bed by Friday, so any feedback over the
> next couple of days would be greatly appreciated.

Nothing major, but a few things I spotted:

"Improved Flexibility in Driver Domains"

        Another advantage is that things are now consistent between
        Linux and !Linux driver domains.
        IIRC it is also less racy (not risqÃ!) in various ways too.

"Experimental PVH Support"

        Clarify with "PVH Guest Support"? dom0 is pending for the next
        release IIRC.
        Say "reduced implementation footprint" perhaps? (trying to
        convey that the footprint in question is the amount of hacking
        around the guest's MM layer which is needed)
        Put a bullet "* Enable with pvh=1 in your config"? (likewise for
        each of these new things where such an option exists?)

"Tech Preview of Nested Virtualization"

        "provides... to *HVM* guests"

        The use of "Xen Project" on this slide seems out of
        context/clumsy. If plain "Xen" is not acceptable then perhaps
        "Xen Hypervisor"?

        Enable with "hap=1" and "nestedhvm=1"
"GRUB 2 Support of Xen Project PV Images"

        This is delivered by a grub release (I think it is in 2.02-beta,
        but 2.02 final isn't out yet)
        Not actually a Xen 4.4 feature. Not to say it isn't worth
        mentioning. AIUI it should work with older Xen too though.

"Improved ARM Support (2)"

        "Same DMA support". Should be "Some DMA Support" or "Sane..." or
        "Dom0 DMA support"? The implications of this stuff are that
        things work/don't crash ;-)
        on (3) The Allwinner processors are A20/A31 not A20/A30.


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