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Re: [Xen-devel] [PATCH v5 04/17] xenctx: Add command line options -b (--bytes-per-line) and -l (--lines)

On Thu, 2014-03-20 at 15:06 -0400, Don Slutz wrote:
>   -b <bytes>, --bytes-per-line <bytes>
>                      change the number of bytes per line output for Stack.
>                      (default 32) Note: rounded to native size (4 or 8 bytes).

I can just about see a use for this.

>   -l <lines>, --lines <lines>
>                      change the number of lines output for Stack. (default 5)
>                      Can be specified as MAX.  Note: Fewer lines will be 
> output
>                      if Stack limit reached.

What is this useful for which "less", "head" or "tail" can't achieve?

In both cases though it seems to make the code more complicated for what
seems to be a not all that useful increase in functionality.

> Signed-off-by: Don Slutz <dslutz@xxxxxxxxxxx>
> ---


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