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[Xen-devel] [V8 PATCH 0/8] pvh dom0....

Hi all,

Finally, please find V8 of dom0 PVH patches based on commit bc69aaf.

  git tree: git://oss.oracle.com/git/mrathor/xen.git  branch: dom0pvh-v8

Following changes from V7 :

Patch that added support for XENMEM_add_to_physmap_range is dropped.

Patch 2: comment changes (based on feedback from Konrad):

  -            /* Unused RAM areas are marked UNUSABLE, so skip it too */
  +            /* Unused RAM areas are marked UNUSABLE, so skip them too */

-    /* If the e820 ended under 4GB, we must map the remaining space upto 4GB */
+    /* 
+     * Some BIOSes may not report io space above ram that is less than 4GB. So
+     * we map any non-ram upto 4GB.
+     */

Jan, I retained Reviewed-by. If above voids the "reviewed-by", I'll just undo
the comment changes. Please lmk if that's the case.

Patch 3:

 Tim, the caller of set_foreign_p2m_entry got moved to the same file p2m.c 
 so I made the function static and removed it's prototype from p2m.h. No 
 other change. I retained your ack.


With these patches, an HVM guest during boot intermittantly takes
unresolved fault in load_module() path. This for PVH dom0 and not PV, and
latest upstream kernel. I was not able to reproduce with older stock 
fedora 19 kernel. So, it appears the problem might be on the guest side, 
and not xen. Hence I decided to go ahead and submit these while I debug that.

Pre-requisite:  xen patch "pvh: disallow PHYSDEVOP_pirq_eoi_gmfn_v2/v1"


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