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[Xen-devel] domain restore operation ordering


looking at some restore log with HVM debug options enabled in the
hypervisor I notice

(XEN) HVM2 restore: MTRR 0
(XEN) [HVM:0.0] <mtrr_var_range_msr_set> invalid msr content:fff8000800
(XEN) [HVM:0.0] <mtrr_var_range_msr_set> invalid msr content:fffc000800

and looking into the reasons for that I think both xend and xl apply
the CPUID policy and overrides only _after_ having processed the
restore image. Yet mtrr_var_range_msr_set() uses domain_cpuid()
to determine the number of physical address bits in order to validate
the register contents.

Is there any reason why the ordering needs to be the way it
currently is? If so, we may need to tweak mtrr_var_range_msr_set()
to special case restoring (albeit I can't think of a way to tell this,
perhaps apart from d != current->domain, which wouldn't really be
a restore specific check).

Thanks, Jan

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