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Re: [Xen-devel] domain restore operation ordering

On Wed, 2014-03-26 at 10:00 +0000, Jan Beulich wrote:
> Hi,
> looking at some restore log with HVM debug options enabled in the
> hypervisor I notice
> (XEN) HVM2 restore: MTRR 0
> (XEN) [HVM:0.0] <mtrr_var_range_msr_set> invalid msr content:fff8000800
> (XEN) 
> (XEN) [HVM:0.0] <mtrr_var_range_msr_set> invalid msr content:fffc000800
> and looking into the reasons for that I think both xend and xl apply
> the CPUID policy and overrides only _after_ having processed the
> restore image. Yet mtrr_var_range_msr_set() uses domain_cpuid()
> to determine the number of physical address bits in order to validate
> the register contents.
> Is there any reason why the ordering needs to be the way it
> currently is?

I don't know, my guess is it just ended up that way for no particular

I'd be inclined to just try moving the libxl_cpuid_apply_policy call
from libxl__build_post to libxl__build_pre and see what breaks.

(it seems to me that libxl__arch_domain_create would be the correct
build_pre location, removing the need for libxl_nocpuid.c I suspect)

>  If so, we may need to tweak mtrr_var_range_msr_set()
> to special case restoring (albeit I can't think of a way to tell this,
> perhaps apart from d != current->domain, which wouldn't really be
> a restore specific check).
> Thanks, Jan

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