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Re: [Xen-devel] qemu-upstream stubdom - status?

On 08/04/14 10:49, Ian Jackson wrote:
Eric Shelton writes ("qemu-upstream stubdom - status?"):
Where does this feature stand currently?  It pops up under a couple
of names and proposed implementations (e.g., "qemu-xen stubdomains",
"qemu-upstream stubdom, Linux", and "qemu-upstream stubdom, BSD
libc"), so it seems likely I missed something.

Hi.  I made a start on bsd libc + minios last release cycle but I
think this has now been overtaken by the rump kernels work by Antti
Kantee.  See https://github.com/rumpkernel/wiki/wiki etc.

It remains appealing to make use of the more recent developments in
qemu-upstream, but with the isolation provided by a stubdomain.  The
many improvements made in teasing driver domains out of dom0
strengthen this appeal (for example, using OpenSolaris as a
ZFS-based storage domain).


What are the most recent patches or repository for this feature?

I've just started looking at the rump kernels with a view to
(eventually) trying to get qemu-upstream working but I don't have
anything I can show you yet.

Last time we discussed this (ca. FOSDEM-time), I put up a page to list the issues with the hopes of a TODO-list making it easy to just tick items off quickly. Wishful thinking. I probably also forgot to send the URL to you. Anyway, I updated the content now, here's the URL:


I think Justin Cormack (also cc'd) has something yet unpublished for the build issue with some form of "compiler triplet".

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