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[Xen-devel] Grant access to more than one dom

Hi all,

  The   system   I  am implementing has 2 domU: Windows, and realtime,
  and  I  need  to  share  memory  between  them. Originally I had the
  realtime  domU  produce  a  page  and which was then consumed by the
  Windows  domU,  however  given the way that the realtime domU works,
  this  can  terminate  and restart, which will destroy and invalidate
  the  shared  memory page.

  To  simplify  things I have written a simple little app that runs in
  dom0,  creates  the  shared  memory page(s) and then starts both the
  domUs.  If  either domU stops, it is automatically restarted, but as
  the shared memory belongs to dom0 it stays stable across restarts.

  However  I  now  need to share this grant between multiple domUs. As
  far as I can see the grant ref only allows access from a single dom.
  How do I work around this? It must be possible, otherwise all driver
  implementations would require a memcpy by dom0.

Best regards,
 Simon                          mailto:furryfuttock@xxxxxxxxx

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