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Re: [Xen-devel] Grant access to more than one dom

On Thu, 2014-04-17 at 11:58 -0300, Simon Martin wrote:
> Hi all,
>   The   system   I  am implementing has 2 domU: Windows, and realtime,
>   and  I  need  to  share  memory  between  them. Originally I had the
>   realtime  domU  produce  a  page  and which was then consumed by the
>   Windows  domU,  however  given the way that the realtime domU works,
>   this  can  terminate  and restart, which will destroy and invalidate
>   the  shared  memory page.
>   To  simplify  things I have written a simple little app that runs in
>   dom0,  creates  the  shared  memory page(s) and then starts both the
>   domUs.  If  either domU stops, it is automatically restarted, but as
>   the shared memory belongs to dom0 it stays stable across restarts.
>   However  I  now  need to share this grant between multiple domUs. As
>   far as I can see the grant ref only allows access from a single dom.
>   How do I work around this? It must be possible, otherwise all driver
>   implementations would require a memcpy by dom0.

Dom0 should create two grant refs, one for each of the other domains.


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