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Re: [Xen-devel] [PATCH] allow xm2xl migration for xen-4.3

On Wed, 2014-04-30 at 10:41 +0200, Olaf Hering wrote:
> On Wed, Apr 30, Ian Campbell wrote:
> > On Tue, 2014-04-29 at 20:57 +0400, v.tolstov@xxxxxxxxx wrote:
> > > From: Vasiliy Tolstov <v.tolstov@xxxxxxxxx>
> > 
> > Thanks. Which tree does this apply to and how would I go about using it?
> > 
> > I think it applies to xen 4.3 and is supposed to allow a guest started
> > by xm to be migrated with xl, to create an xl compatible vm, is that
> > correct? If not can you give the method for using it please.
> Does that migrate from qemu-xen-traditional to qemu-xen?

Oh, I hadn't even considered that as a possibility!

> And if so, is that supposed to work anyway?


> I think the right approach would be to
> start the remote side with device_model=qemu-xen-traditional.


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