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[Xen-devel] [Hackathon] CentOS Virt SIG summary

Sorry this is a bit sparse; I was both running the meeting and jotting
down notes.  Let me know if you have any questions.


Present (from memory):
- George Dunlap
- Anil Madhavapeddy
- Jonathan Ludlam
- David Berrange
- Dan Keningsberg
- Dario Faggioli
- [others I've forgotten]

* Agenda
- Package layout
- ocaml
- oVirt?
- libvirt?
- Sorting out check-in stuff

* ocaml and xapi
- Progess made yesterday in discussion with KB
- RHEL 7
- xapi wants 4.0.1
- Depend on ocaml for *building* but not for *installing*

* Packaging
- xenstore client tools useful in domUs mixed in with libraries only
useful in dom0
- How this would affect people upgrading?
  - obsoletes?
- GWD to Mail JonL re virt sig repos

* Build servers for SIGs?
 - koji up and running?
 - mock build environment
 - send it to Fedora first?
 - copr -- lightweight version of koji

* oVirt
- Must be in a separate repo for dependencies' sake
- building more complicated (java, maven, &c &c)
- Start with just copying RHEV

* libvirt
- No sense in making it a "stable" at this point
- Use the lastest release until libxl support is fully featured / stabilized

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