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Re: [Xen-devel] [PATCH 5/6] libxl: allow a generation ID to be specified at domain creation

On 03/06/14 14:28, Andrew Cooper wrote:
> On 03/06/14 14:15, David Vrabel wrote:
>> +    /*
>> +     * Update the ID in guest memory (if available).
>> +     */
>> +    xc_get_hvm_param(ctx->xch, domid, HVM_PARAM_VM_GENERATION_ID_ADDR, 
>> &paddr);
> This will break 32bit toolstack builds, because xc_get_hvm_param() takes
> a pointer to an unsigned long pointer rather than a uint64_t pointer.

Well that's rather foolish of it.  I've fixed up the libxc functions to
take the correct uint32_t index and uint64_t value parameters.


ps. please trim your replies.

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