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Re: [Xen-devel] Xen 4.5 development update

Wednesday, June 4, 2014, 3:50:12 PM, you wrote:

>>Adding Artem from Globallogic to that thread on request
>>On 27/05/2014 19:06, konrad.wilk@xxxxxxxxxx wrote:
>>Below is a summary of the projects / features being worked on for the 4.5
>>time frame that I had been gathering.
>>* Kelly Zytaruk  Prognosis:   100 %
>>   AMD Radeon PCI GPU passthrough

> Due to a shift in focus on my side it looks like I am stuck in a Xen 4.2 
> spiral.  I can't guarantee any Xen 4.5 support until I get my Xen 4.2 issues 
> out of the way.  I know that Konrad has been working on some of the issues 
> that were identified so I am not sure how much more remains to be done for 
> 4.5.

> Thanks,
> Kelly

I assume the target here is to passthrough and use the GPU as a primary GPU in 
the guest (and also showing boot etc from the start like as it was native) ?

Passing through AMD radeon GPU as secondary, which gets enabled somewhere 
boot when the radeon driver loads, already works (for me) when using a HVM 
All seems to work for me:
   - console + X
   - opengl
   - hardware video acceleration
   - powermanagement (but only on first boot, see below)

The main issue with that setup is resetting the card when shutting down the 
and later booting it again. That also seems to work when using 
as kernel parameter.

Accept for the powermanagement part (dpm), that still fails to initialize on a 
or later boot (but works fine on the first boot).

I don't known if the radeon cards have some sort of full reset function 
somewhere that completely "posts" the card ?

That could be used by xen and kvm or more generally .. wired up to a 
/sysfs/bus/pci/device/<BDF>/reset entry (which can be used by both).


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