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Re: [Xen-devel] Automotive PV drivers project request

On 04/06/14 14:04, Artem Mygaiev wrote:
> As a part of effort on bringing Xen into Automotive (and thus Embedded)
> space, we are working on a set of PV drivers needed to share
> peripherals between domains.
>  * PV audio - new driver using ALSA
>  * PV USB - based on old existing PV USB solution
>  * PV framebuffer - modifications and improvements for existing FB
>  * PV events - new driver for sharing HIDs across domains (touchscreen,
>    keyb, etc.)
> This list is not final, other things are to be added later on. Each
> driver consists, obviously, of frontend and backend which may be
> implemented for different OSes. So far only Linux is supported, QNX is
> wip, ArcCore or similar being considered. Due to this, each driver has
> following structure (sample):
> /pv_audio
>   /linux-alsa-be
>   /linux-fe
>   /qnx-be
>   /qnx-fe
> Linux kernel code is developed under GPLv2 license, userspace
> components like some backends are under Apache 2 license, so can be
> integrated into software with commercial licenses. QNX and other OSes
> will have licenses that are required by corresponding regulations, some
> may be not open nevertheless we tend to make all parts of the code
> available to the Xen community.

I don't want to see Linux drivers languishing in a sub-project -- they
should all be merged into Linux proper.


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