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[Xen-devel] Automotive PV drivers project request

As a part of effort on bringing Xen into Automotive (and thus Embedded)
space, we are working on a set of PV drivers needed to share
peripherals between domains.
 * PV audio - new driver using ALSA
 * PV USB - based on old existing PV USB solution
 * PV framebuffer - modifications and improvements for existing FB
 * PV events - new driver for sharing HIDs across domains (touchscreen,
   keyb, etc.)
This list is not final, other things are to be added later on. Each
driver consists, obviously, of frontend and backend which may be
implemented for different OSes. So far only Linux is supported, QNX is
wip, ArcCore or similar being considered. Due to this, each driver has
following structure (sample):
Linux kernel code is developed under GPLv2 license, userspace
components like some backends are under Apache 2 license, so can be
integrated into software with commercial licenses. QNX and other OSes
will have licenses that are required by corresponding regulations, some
may be not open nevertheless we tend to make all parts of the code
available to the Xen community.

As a starting point in publishing the code we would like to request for
creation of a dedicated project where these drivers could be maintained
by us (GlobalLogic) and available to the community for use, and
hopefully, further development.

Artem Mygaiev | AVP - Delivery
P +380.44.4929695 ext.2023 M +380.67.9211131 S rosenkrantzguildenstern

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