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Re: [Xen-devel] [PATCH v5 RFC 05/14] tools/libxc: noarch common code

On Tue, 2014-06-17 at 19:26 +0100, Andrew Cooper wrote:
> On 17/06/14 17:53, Ian Campbell wrote:
> > On Tue, 2014-06-17 at 17:28 +0100, Andrew Cooper wrote:
> >>>> +// Hack out junk from the namespace
> >>> Do you have a plan to not need these hacks?
> >> Not really.  There are enough other areas of libxc which still use these
> >> macros, and I can't go and simply update all other areas as 
> > I (or rather git grep) can't see the existing definitions/uses
> > mfn_to_pfn and pfn_to_mfn outside of xc_domain_{save,restore}.c. Where
> > are the defined and used outside of those?
> mfn_to_pfn it turns out isn't.  pfn_to_mfn is used once in xc_domain.c. 

Ah, I grepped for mfn_to_pfn twice so never for pfn_to_mfn...

tools/libxc/xc_offline_page.c uses it too BTW.

I'd be inclined to namespace this existing function (i.e. prefix xc_*)
which will stop it clashing with any use you want to make of the more
generic name in the new migration code.

> > Likewise for the *_FIELD stuff which is used in ~2 places outside the
> > save restore code according to grep.
> xc_core_x86.c defines itself GET_FIELD() so clearly doesn't use
> xg_save_restore.h
> xc_resume.c clearly uses xg_save_restore.h but could probably be
> converted to be similar to xc_core_x86.c

Arguably xc_domain_resume could/should be made part of the new migration
infratructure anyway.

> >> struct
> >> context is meaningless outside of libxc/saverestore.
> > So how are these used there?
> >
> > Ian.
> >
> They are not.  They are reimplemented in common_x86_pv.h so as to not
> take magic locally scoped variables with specific names.

Either fix the existing ones to suit your tastes or just bite your
tongue and use the existing macros, don't add hacks.


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