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Re: [Xen-devel] Please revert / review 077fc1c04d70ef1748ac2daa6622b3320a1a004c

Did some testing with your patches:

Test 1:

Xen-Version: Compiled a xen with the 077 commit, your first patch and your 3. (latest) patch for testing.
Passed-through devices: only vga
Result: At some late point in the boot of the domU, the dom0 (the server itself) restarted itself. This is repeatable. I added the qemu-log and what I was able to capture from the xl dmesg (I only hit 'xl dmesg' numerous times until the server restarted and might not have gotten the end of it, but since there is no xl dmesg log i'm aware off, I couldn't think of another way. If you have any, please tell me). From the qemu log I would guess the restart was caused by some problem in the vram mapping?

Test 2:

Xen-Version: Compiled a normal 077 commit version without any of your patches
Xen cmd line: added immo=no-sharept as suggested
Passed-through devices: vga, 2 usb controller (ohci+ehci), sound card
Result: works fine. domU boots, no BSOD, no other problems, server seems to be stable. So not sharing the VT-d page tables seems to do the trick / the problem is in the page table sharing.

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