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Re: [Xen-devel] [PATCH ARM v5 18/20] mini-os: import libfdt

On 28 June 2014 13:01, Julien Grall <julien.grall@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Hi Thomas,
> On 26/06/14 12:28, Thomas Leonard wrote:
>> From: Karim Raslan <karim.allah.ahmed@xxxxxxxxx>
>> Looks like this is revision v1.3.0-47-gbe60268 from
>> http://git.jdl.com/gitweb/?p=dtc.git
> Unfortunately I can find this commit in the git tree. Do you have the full
> sha1?

It works for me:

$ git clone git://git.jdl.com/software/dtc.git
$ cd dtc
$ git show be60268
commit be6026838e45b67800ac803f4ad8cca3cde57d6d
Author: David Gibson <david@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date:   Fri Jun 1 14:12:38 2012 +1000

    libfdt: Add helper function to create a trivial, empty tree

> AFAIU, you are using the version 1.3.0, right? If so, why didn't you get the
> latest version (i.e 1.4.0)?

I don't know why this particular version was chosen. I could upgrade
it if you want. I don't think there are any functional changes
(uint32_t has been replaced by fdt32_t all over the place, and there
are a couple of extra functions, which we don't need).

>> The memmove implementation is from FreeBSD's
>> contrib/ldns/compat/memmove.c
> Can you add a commit number just for tracking purpose?


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