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Re: [Xen-devel] [RFC PATCH 01/20] x86/xen/MSI: Eliminate arch_msix_mask_irq() and arch_msi_mask_irq()

On 12/08/14 08:25, Yijing Wang wrote:
> Commit 0e4ccb150 added two __weak arch functions arch_msix_mask_irq()
> and arch_msi_mask_irq() to fix a bug found when running xen in x86.
> Introduced these two funcntions make MSI code complex. This patch
> reverted commit 0e4ccb150 and add #ifdef for x86 msi_chip to fix this
> bug for simplicity. Also this is preparation for using struct
> msi_chip instead of weak arch MSI functions in all platforms.
>  static struct irq_chip msi_chip = {
>       .name                   = "PCI-MSI",
> +#ifdef CONFIG_XEN
> +     .irq_unmask             = nop_unmask_msi_irq,
> +     .irq_mask               = nop_mask_msi_irq,
> +#else
>       .irq_unmask             = unmask_msi_irq,
>       .irq_mask               = mask_msi_irq,
> +#endif

No.  CONFIG_XEN kernels can run on Xen and bare metal so this must be a
runtime option.


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