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[Xen-devel] [PATCH v0 0/3] Modifications to mem_event_enable API and addition of teardown routine.

This patch series is the corrected version of the following patch series,

The previous patch series had some code which was actually present in the tree
after addition of XSA-99. Please ignore the older patch series and have a look
at this patch series.

[PATCH v0 1/3] mem_access: modifications to mem_event enable API.
This patch modifies the xc_mem_event_enable API by -
 1. adding shared ring init.
 2. clearing ring page.
 3. replacing calls to deprecated API's.
 4. updating the xc_mem_event_enable API to have simmilar signature with other
    mem_event API's (This was my personal choice and is certainly debatable).

[PATCH v0 2/3] mem_event: Added new helper API to teardown mem event and unmap 
This patch adds a new xc_mem_event_teardown API to teardown the mem event setup
for the PAGING, ACCESS and SHARING HVM params.

[PATCH v0 3/3] xenpaging: updated code to use safer mem_event API's for setup 
and teardown.
This patch simply updates the code to use the newly created API's.

Signed-off-by: Dushyant Behl <myselfdushyantbehl@xxxxxxxxx>

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