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Re: [Xen-devel] [PATCH V4 01/15] move x86 EFI boot code to common/efi

>>> On 11.09.14 at 19:16, <roy.franz@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> I can move the other file - I think runtime.c would be the only other to 
> move,
> but it is not used by this patchset.  This patchset is limited to EFI
> boot support.
> Runtime services support, ACPI, etc all depend on this functionality,
> but are not
> being addressed in this patchset.
> I can move runtime.c to common/efi, but the only place it will be used
> is x86/efi.

Which is fine as an intermediate state. compat.c, btw, also would
need moving. And considering the comment on a later patch
regarding relocation of the image to the proper VA, the relocation
related files would seem to be needed too. In the end it would be
just check.c and stub.c that are x86-specific.

> This touches on an issue in a number of the following patches - some
> of the things moved to
> the arch specific file are EFI related things that are not truly
> architecture specific, but are not yet
> implemented for ARM and are beyond the scope of this patchset.  My
> intent is for these to be adjusted
> when those features (such as runtime services) are implemented for
> ARM.  There are other non-EFI specific
> things like VGA, which aren't currently in the ARM build, but are
> setup in boot.c, but aren't truly architecture specific.

So you'd end up moving this out and later back in? Please avoid
such unnecessary churn - as a temporary measure here, #ifdef-s
seem like the clearly preferable mechanism to me (with a suitable
"fixme" comment).


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