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[Xen-devel] ACPI Xen and SMMU driver

Hi Stefano / Ian,

Currently the SMMU code for ARM is derived from Linux SMMU code which
is dependent on device tree. My current PCI passthrough work is based
on the platform device passthrough support which is actually the
device tree node pass through.

With ACPI smmu.c have to be split into smmu-dt.c and smmu-acpi.c,
smmu-ops.c. The smmu-ops would be much simpler driver.

As PCI passthrough on ARM is only on ARMv8 servers do you think it
makes sense to provide the PCI passthrough support via acpi smmu
driver  or we would have to still base it on (current)smmu-dt driver,
when targeting for 4.5 Xen.


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