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Re: [Xen-devel] [win-pv-devel] Location of next Xen Project Developer Summit / User Summit (please respond by end of September)

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> Subject: [win-pv-devel] Location of next Xen Project Developer Summit /
> User Summit (please respond by end of September)
> Hi all,
> I am CC'ing all the subprojects (and project leads of sub projects who are not
> yet fully operational in terms of infrastructure) to get feedback on next 
> years
> events. I know we all agreed that we would alternate between Europe and
> the US, but this may be challenging next year, because there may not be
> enough space. So I wanted to get your feed and will need to make a decision
> before the next Advisory Board meeting in October. Ideally well before.
> Let me lay out what I know.
> * LinuxCon US will be in Seattle Aug 17-19
> * Linux Plumbers will be in Seattle Aug 19, with mini summits Aug 20 & 21st
> * There will also be a new Container Con Aug 20 & 21st
> * KVM Forum is thinking but have not decided to be in Seattle also
> sometimes between Aug 19 - 21st
> * There is just enough space for a Xen Project Summit from Aug 19 - 21st
> * LinuxCon EU is most likely in Brussels end of September, but it is likely 
> that
> there is not enough space
> I also want to move back to a model where we don't have a separate user
> and developer summit. It is to expensive and too hard to organise. What we
> would do is have these semi-separate (e.g. User Summit before the Dev
> Summit) and we allow users to stay on and attend the Dev Summit using
> some discounted tickets if they want. The main rationale is to save cost and
> get maximum impact from sponsorships to subsidise the event(s).
> But we need to make a decision pretty soon. My thinking was the following:
> * Developer Summit on 20 & 21st
> * Developer Meeting, Board Meetings, Hackspace and Working Group would
> be held on the 19th.
> * We could also have a User Focussed Day on the 19th - the limitation is that
> on the 19th we cannot get rooms holding more than 60 people
> * Try to do something together with KVM Forum (E.g. a joint social event or
> something - assuming they buy into it and decide for Seattle, or a joint
> Hackathon)
> * The problem is that this would be a very intensive week and that some
> people may have to juggle schedules as they may have to attend several
> events.

Indeed. Do we really want to be at the same time as KVM forum? I can imagine 
several folks having clashes.


> On the other hand, there is likely not enough space to co-locate with
> LinuxCon EU. And we always also have a very big presence at FOSDEM in
> Brussels. So co-locating seems not quite right, as we are almost competing
> with ourselves in the same location that year.
> Please let me know what your preferences are. I can then get back to the
> Advisory Board and get this closed. And I need to know before the end of
> the month as otherwise we will run out of options.
> Best Regards
> Lars
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