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Re: [Xen-devel] [PATCH v4 04/16] xen: Add is_vmware_port_enabled

>>> On 17.09.14 at 20:23, <dslutz@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Which means to me that by using __get_instruction_length_from_list()
> I am reading the instruction bytes 2 times.  Once in
> __get_instruction_length_from_list() and once in vmport_gp_check().
> This is not too bad since the rate of these is low.  But this does 
> suggest to
> me that the change to using __get_instruction_length_from_list() was
> not the best.  Having a routine that both checks the instruction and
> reports on which one was found would be much better.

Just to clarify - for security reasons we should avoid reading
instructions more than once, or be very certain that the second
reader doesn't make any implications on eventual checks the first
one may have done.


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