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Re: [Xen-devel] [Xen-API] Location of next Xen Project Developer Summit / User Summit (please respond by end of September)

> But we need to make a decision pretty soon. My thinking was the following:
> * Developer Summit on 20 & 21st
> * Developer Meeting, Board Meetings, Hackspace and Working Group would be held on the 19th.
> * We could also have a User Focussed Day on the 19th - the limitation is that on the 19th we cannot get rooms holding more than 60 people
> * Try to do something together with KVM Forum (E.g. a joint social event or something - assuming they buy into it and decide for Seattle, or a joint Hackathon)

I like. Perhaps the Xen User Summit doesn't need a room holding more than 60 people?

Where is the LinuxCon going to be held in Seattle? Perhaps there's something close we could use that would have a room large enough?

Grant McWilliamsÂ
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