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Re: [Xen-devel] [PATCH 28/46] Use configure --libexecdir=BASEDIR to set LIBEXEC

On Mon, 2014-09-22 at 15:00 +0200, Olaf Hering wrote:
> The current usage of LIBEXEC is bogus. It describes the directory for
> private xen executables. Other places create their own, similar
> libexecdir path as $prefix/lib/xen/*.
> Additional two other variables are used to describe similar paths:
> The autotools configuration refers to libexec as a directory for
> executables and stuff which is called by other programs, not by the
> user.

IIRC that definition flows from either the FHS or the GNU coding

> Adjust all places that want libexecdir as a target path. LIBEXEC refers
> now to the base directory. Three convenience variables are used to refer
> to paths to private binaries, libs and include files.
> Most users of LIBEXEC are updated to use LIBEXEC_BIN because that is
> what they want.
> Users of PRIVATE_BINDIR are updated to use LIBEXEC_BIN because that is
> what they want.

Is the end result of this that anything is moved by default? Please
state it here either way.

> An internal libxl function was removed. A single helper to retrieve
> LIBEXEC_BIN remains.
> As suggested by the docs,

which docs?

> -dnl XXX: this should be changed to use the passed $libexec
> -dnl but can be done as a second step
> -case "$host_os" in
> -*netbsd*)  LIBEXEC=$prefix/libexec ;;
> -*) LIBEXEC=$prefix/lib/xen/bin ;;
> -esac
> +if test "x$libexecdir" = 'x${exec_prefix}/libexec' ; then
> +    case "$host_os" in
> +         *netbsd*)
> +         libexecdir=$prefix/libexec
> +         ;;
> +         *)
> +         libexecdir=$prefix/lib
> +         ;;
> +    esac
> +fi

I'm wondering if we should just accept the autoconf default here.
Distros which differ from that default (Debian? I thought RPM distros
used libexec) are presumably used to passing ---with-libexecdir=.


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