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Re: [Xen-devel] [PATCH 28/46] Use configure --libexecdir=BASEDIR to set LIBEXEC

On Tue, Sep 23, Ian Campbell wrote:

> On Mon, 2014-09-22 at 15:00 +0200, Olaf Hering wrote:
> > The autotools configuration refers to libexec as a directory for
> > executables and stuff which is called by other programs, not by the
> > user.
> IIRC that definition flows from either the FHS or the GNU coding
> standards.

The above sentence should have been "autotools documentation".

> > Adjust all places that want libexecdir as a target path. LIBEXEC refers
> > now to the base directory. Three convenience variables are used to refer
> > to paths to private binaries, libs and include files.
> > 
> > Most users of LIBEXEC are updated to use LIBEXEC_BIN because that is
> > what they want.
> > 
> > Users of PRIVATE_BINDIR are updated to use LIBEXEC_BIN because that is
> > what they want.
> Is the end result of this that anything is moved by default? Please
> state it here either way.

No change in paths is expected by this change.

> > As suggested by the docs,
> which docs?

The autoconf docs, they suggest $libexec/$package_name as target dir.
Will update the commit msg to make this clear.

> > -dnl XXX: this should be changed to use the passed $libexec
> > -dnl but can be done as a second step
> > -case "$host_os" in
> > -*netbsd*)  LIBEXEC=$prefix/libexec ;;
> > -*) LIBEXEC=$prefix/lib/xen/bin ;;
> > -esac
> > +if test "x$libexecdir" = 'x${exec_prefix}/libexec' ; then
> > +    case "$host_os" in
> > +         *netbsd*)
> > +         libexecdir=$prefix/libexec
> > +         ;;
> > +         *)
> > +         libexecdir=$prefix/lib
> > +         ;;
> > +    esac
> > +fi
> I'm wondering if we should just accept the autoconf default here.
> Distros which differ from that default (Debian? I thought RPM distros
> used libexec) are presumably used to passing ---with-libexecdir=.

At least SUSE uses /usr/lib as libexec. Also the rpm %configure macro
uses %prefix/lib. So its up to the configure scripts to append "package
name". I will check what other packages do, but I think my change is
correct in that part.

Regarding libexec/ vs. lib/: it would change existing behaviour. In the
end it would most likely not matter because the tools find the binaries
anyway. Stuff will just end up in different directories. Existing
domU.cfg files, which refer to a hardcoded path to qemu, hvmloader or
whatever will need an update. Perhaps the offending line can be removed
altogether from domU.cfg.

So if you want, the hunk above can be changed to a plain LIBEXEC=$libexecdir/xen


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