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Re: [Xen-devel] Error when Glib cross compiled into Mini-OS without the support of "_POSIX_THREADS"

On Thu, 2014-09-25 at 20:50 +0800, Lele MA wrote:
> >AFAIK mini-os doesn't supply a POSIX thread API, correct.
> >
> >I don't think anything else in the current stubdom infra (e.g. newlib)
> >supplies one either.
> >
> >> If so, can I still use the glib in the Mini-OS without the support of
> >
> >That would be a question for the glib maintainers. At a minimum I'd
> >expect you would need to port glib to the mini-os thread API.
> >
> >But, before you go down that route I think you should consider the new
> >rumpkernels work which is going on.
> >
> >rumpkernels run on a mini-os/Xen and provide a BSD derived POSIX like
> >environment, which I expect will include pthreads. Depending on your
> >application it may well be very worthwhile to start from that (I think
> >it most likely would be, but I don't know what you are actually doing).
> >
> Thank you so much! 
> My ultimate goal is to use libvmi in mini-os. And libvmi needs glib's 
> support. So I needs to cross-compile glib into mini-os firstly.
> The mini-os kernel is essential for our project,

Note that rumpkernels use mini-os (or at least large parts of it) under
the hood. I'd strongly recommend you investigate rumpkernels before
embarking on any direct porting work.

>  so I probably have to port the glib to mini-os thread API. Can you
> give me some tips on how to port a thread API ?

I've no idea what it actually looks like, sorry. You'll probably need to
dize into the code.

> I am a newbie to mini-os thread
> API, any help would appreciated. Thank you!
> Lele Ma

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